Hand-Crafted Video Games from the South of France

Studio Laganne is an indie game studio that aims to create beautiful and innovative games.

Based in the beautiful region of Occitanie, South of France, we believe games should tell engaging stories, convey values and explore one's creativity.

On December 2018, we released Endarked, a fun action game that brings brand new motion controls to the iPhone and the iPad. Set in a space-like environment, Endarked is a death race between Light and Darkness that starts at full speed as a mysterious storyline unfolds...

EndarkedFace the darkness within

Studio Laganne was founded in January 2018, by two brothers and their close friend, in Bédarieux, Hérault, France. As of today, the studio is still a one-woman-and-two-men effort, where humour, guitars, CrossFit, hand-crafting stuff and kids running around are the daily routine.

Proud of our indie status and of our region, we strive for the promotion of the French gaming industry and for games which are unique in their gameplay, music, ambiance and storyline.